PGS-Transporters – Privacy Policy


PGS SOFA & CO S.R.L. with its headquarters in Oradea, str. Borsului, no. 23/A, Bihor county, states that the application you installed on your mobile phone requests your permission to:

1. Access the phone camera: the phone camera will be used by the user to scan the parcels with the application. The application will not use the phone camera in other circumstances.

2. Access the phone’s geolocation: The application will send to PGS the phone’s location at the time the parcels are being scanned. This aspect is done to verify that the place the parcels are being scanned corresponds to the planned place of unloading. The access to the phone’s geolocation will be made only under the above mentioned conditions, when the application is used by the user to scan the parcels and will not access the phone’s geolocation on other conditions.

Data will be stored on the server of Trakosoft Solution S.R.L., third party with which PGS Sofa & CO S.R.L. signed a contract for this purpose for a period of 120 days after completion of the tournament and the access to these data is made only for the control of unloading and in case of commercial litigation with transporters or customers.

By installing and using the application, the user accepts these terms and conditions.