About us

About us

TRAKOSOFT SOLUTIONS SRL was founded in 2016. We are a young team from Oradea city, Romania, motivated by the desire to really make software according to the client's needs. We are using new technologies and we believe that the success of all today's companies depends to a NOT less extent on the software they use.


We like to keep up to date with the latest technologies and we love to use them! We use technology to simplify and improve our work.


Every member of the team is passionate and excited about the work he is filing. We put this passion in every project and we strongly believe it is an essential ingredient for success.


We are a young, dynamic team, learning quickly, and with every passing day, we are gathering more and more resources that we want to implement in future projects.


Every customer satisfied with our services inspires us to be better in the future. We are always prepared to come up with a solution to your needs


We believe that our services are built to optimize and increase efficiency. This is the main purpose that motivates us. Efficiency means time, time is energy and happiness.


We like to invest time, effort and passion in what we do. We want to do this in the future to make sure you enjoy all the benefits of digitizing your business.