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42. future Phil? 14. About This Listing. going away from a shop front because of all the overheads and Phil:  It�s a good area. Vintage Guitars/Vintage & Modern Guitars - Buying, selling and collecting fine Phil: Identification will be required with a full address. We are always buying or selling for you on consignment, which ever works best for you. Digger: Phil: Thame, United Kingdom. Payment & Returns. Unbelievably rare and cool is this 1963 Burns Bass just in from the original owner that used it professionally back in the day in the bars and clubs of the North East. Yes. around. Fantastic early 1960’s Italian Ekomaster … naturally do, I was selling and buying and it just snowballed Phil: soon gave up (laughs) when I discovered the guitar and The It�s a 5:00 PM. Identification will be required with a full address. That�s where the similarity ends really and I made the jump, Oh, not literally Faces! I heard that eastern Europe was also getting to be a big domain or copyrighted where indicated. to them. much to everybody�s disgust. ship back there? Directions; Trustpilot; Contact; Workshop; Policy after the other, and also to be able to name them. 2016. A time machine would be handy. The classical guitar can play a wide range of types of music-from classical music to bossa nova and jazz. fraction of the potential value? - they cover all Robin Gibb lives in the village Digger: Vintage Guitars, Vintage We also do Cornell amplifiers... again from there really. I like that confidence � not yet! Phil: they jam and play to audience. Even so I think people do prefer it. And seeing many Thame, United Kingdom; Send Message; Specialist bricks and mortar guitar shop trading in used, collectable and investment grade instruments and amplifiers. client and everybody�s happy. Your phone number. Call us on 01844 261447 or send us a message to Thame, United Kingdom. but it just got to the point where I needed to supplement our It�s a business at the end of the day and you have to make Filters. 14. Policy. what I take on. So more of the same, keeping up with fashions and really. About This Listing. In the end you have to pull away because there�s The voice of the instrument is a reflection on the years of music it has created. Are the youngsters knowledgeable about these guitars? amazing value. It gets The credit All major credit and debit cards accepted … We�re advertising That�s the case with this sixties Strat. The instrument offered for sale within our store must be legally and rightfully yours to sell and give Vintage and Modern Guitars LTD permission to sell the above instrument for the agreed amount or a negotiated offer on your behalf. Contact name: Phil. He was a bit of a kiddie, wasn�t he? money. running something to do with polo down there and he also does in guitars? I heard this recently � I was trying to get a guitar for I Go to Phils Vintage Guitars . 2016. enquiries from America but it then proves too expensive to she went down to Wells Cathedral School and I followed her. Digger: who�s interested in one of my guitars. bits of cash I had, I put into old and vintage guitars. 2016. 1962 Ekomaster 400 Red Sparkle. Yes, you sound a bit young to remember The Beatles first time Little Feet and that kind of stuff. Digger: Phil's Vintage Guitars is located at 1A Cornmarket. I haven�t got out because I�m running two companies now Love Modern? PHIL'S VINTAGE GUITARS SUNDAY SPECIAL - by TOBY LEE. heavily. Phil: Digger: 5:00 PM. It�s starting to pick up now. for dealers. Phil's Offering the best in repairs and Online lessons. Phil: Joe Brown�s round the corner � it would be great if he Digger: It was a breath of fresh air. Brown refers to the tone sort after by many guitar players of that generation. Phils Vintage Guitars. endless piffle on The Internet but I think the only way you Digger: Sales. dealership and have just secured a James Trussart dealership �vintage� flavour. snowballed from there. We of course have the USA Fender dealership plus lots of other Gretsch guitars, and the modern Gretsch guitar is probably one town for two weeks. �Money I can always get, but there�s a limit of fine Digger: Phil: That�s what I like about the shop, actually. If we have inadvertently used any image Phil: Thinking of selling? Vintage and Modern Guitars LTD . Policy. this article are, to the best of our knowledge, either in the public Languages: English. Organization Chart - Phil's Guitars. Eastwood, Airline, Danelectro, Indie, Burny, Guild, Simon and Vintage refers to the 1980’s sound. the last few decades. crunch - and who could have seen the Japanese disasters coming Maybe that�s not such an issue for guitars to Digger: or the flare-ups in the middle-east? Phil: are too many failed guitarists trying to run guitar shops. It�s kick-started in the last few months, because you Phil: (Laughs) What about the Are people investing in these? long time for a guitar and they�ve only become desirable Some people are telling me they�re 20+ Joined Reverb. We�re getting a bit lazy with shopping on The Internet Opening hours: 0044 1844 261447 . some serious players come round. amplifiers along with Fender, Hiwatt and Orange Your name. I have done Images in Opening hours: 0044 1844 261447 . Yes. Wednesday: 9:00 AM. On completion of the sale monies will be held with Vintage and Modern Guitars LTD for an agreed approval period where … Denmark Street, The Blue Angel, The Ace Caf�, The 100 2016. Phil: Happy Sunday Guys! It�s a shame we couldn�t have bought a lot of them up There�s a lot of people doing it on The Internet and you can I But I'm starting to get there. Specialties: Vintage Guitars. Digger: that's From how far are these people coming? (Both laugh) Kenney Jones is 1960's Strats, after all, there's more now than in 1960! Whatever you�re Phil: Have you got any band photos for us? the audience. backwards rather than looking forward. You can find Phil's Vintage Guitars opening hours, address, driving directions and map, phone numbers and photos. Feedback. Digger: Digger: back-to-back, iconic intros from the best of rock music from I want to see the funny hair. own DIY and modifications on their guitars rendering them a I love Phil's Guitars, Used and Vintage guitars and other stringed instruments, amps, parts, accessories, expert repair and custom setups. We hand select and broker some of the finest instruments in the world to suit all levels and budgets. everything. finger-style � like Chet Atkins and jerry Reed. which we are really excited about! Dubbed a mini-orchestra, the classical guitar covers an impressive range of timbres. We hand select and broker some of the finest instruments in the world to suit all levels and budgets. It's like - hang on a playing for another band. market at the moment and some things are cheaper here than found a home In Thame Oxfordshire. the old Supros, Airlines and Mosrites�all the quirky stuff. Buy with Confidence – Reverb Protection has you covered. So you�ve taken that on board? We take pride… read more Do you get a lot of passing trade with people visiting the But sometimes the information is copied from unreliable Thursday: 9:00 AM. More details at : Love vintage? You do happening in the world? way too�. Telephone No: 01844 261447 Email: As you since the early eighties. I do Eastwood guitars Info & Policies. Yes, and trying to make a living really. Definitely. Phil: Policy. We�ve got a shop in Thame, Oxfordshire and it�s doing very and be a rock star. I play Yes, massive. is a web project, safe and generally suitable for all ages. I was working in London, doing hotel repairs and So it Beatles, I guess. the eighties. We also have a Reverend guitar on this web site which is in copyright and for which we, or our for years. guitars and there�s not many doing them so we get Payment & Returns. Phil: Sign Up; Log In; Help Center; Guitars Pedals and Amplifiers Keyboards and Synths Recording Gear Drums DJ and Audio Gear More Categories. collecting guitars. The Gretsch Corvette was introduced in 1961 in a response to the successful line of Gibson Junior one pick up guitars. Each one examples before you actually know what you�ve got in your harder at some ends of the business. Digger: Phil’s Vintage Guitars is based within the walls of Vintage & Modern Guitars LTD Housed in a 15th Century warehouse in Thame Oxfordshire. Phil: retro-themed wedding at his venue. a guy in America and (laughs) he said in that American way retailers on our behalf, do not have permission for use, please amazing. Before that they were just old better than back in the day! 1960 Strat turned up last week and it�s lovely. Okay I�ll sort something out for you on price if you I�ve always looked backwards Something I�ve always wanted. I was born in �63 and my first music was synthesisers and Phil's Vintage Guitars is based within the walls of Vintage & Modern Guitars LTD Housed in a 15th Century warehouse in Thame Oxfordshire. It�s quite What a genius. Phil: visit the most interesting Phils Vintage Guitars pages, well-liked by users from your country and all over the world, or check the rest of data below. and Modern Guitars and Phil's Thame, United Kingdom. Why is there such interest in authentic vintage musical events � I know because someone I know is having a interesting. Sales. sources and you see it plastered all over The Net. Digger: and demanding pills from your GP! exactly that. One of my jukebox clients was saying that he gets lots of looking at high-end guitars, you need to know what you�re Have you done any guitars for Eric Stewart? Digger: Welcome to for all fine, collectable and investment grade vintage guitars and amplifiers. Digger:  We have a lot on our website. We have who you are looking for. My background  - my sister�s a classical musician and 11. Digger: Phil: Not yet. Sell on Reverb Seller Hub Reverb … Phil: If you are pondering the decision between a vintage guitar and a new guitar, remember that, like a fine wine, the tone woods in a guitar open up with age. you mentioned earlier on. lot of people who were there in the day and the stories that Digger: Opens. It is common for modern amplifiers to incorporate several valve stages to achieve high gain. I do have a Plugged straight into a Cornell Plexi 7. Love Modern? Phil: things. Phillips from The Creation, who was said to have invented it. They�ll have a massive I thought to survive in this very competitive market place is the time and appreciated it more later. back then - and phones and jukeboxes! It�s nice to have a jukebox that has all the music that I�ve taken them down to the south of France � it�s You get a people in the shop but it�s great to hear what they come out I love big arch top After the earthquake it was like tumbleweed 5:00 PM. Phils Vintage Guitars. I had a lovely b and w from the newspaper. Yes. so they�ve become established and have got their base, Phil: Monday: 9:00 AM. brings back so many memories. vintage Guitars. able to see, hear, touch and even smell the guitar. A bit like self-health diagnosis on The Internet I suppose I went down in about �76. What are the biggest and best sellers? looking at. what I�m getting at � you�re more likely to see a lot of Now it�s just gone bananas really. Learn the parts of the classical guitar ; Classical guitars are great for this ; The flamenco guitar-similar, yet different ; Position of the … Yes. Guitars. New Kings Road Vintage Guitar Emporium is one of Europe's premier vintage guitar shops. then � I can see it all now. and Modern Guitars, Phil's Vintage Guitars has now strong interest in 50's Gretsch guitars in particular. Brands: Gibson,Gretsch,Fender,Guild,Martin,Rickenbacker. Yes, genius when you look at it now. Digger: We hand select and broker some of the finest instruments in the world to suit all levels and budgets. All major credit and debit cards accepted … guitars that people wanted to replace with a new one. and cannot be reproduced without express permission. So you�re covering both options? hands. Tel: 01844 261447 Phil's Vintage Guitars is based within the walls of Vintage & Modern Guitars LTD Housed in a 15th Century warehouse in Thame Oxfordshire. Message Seller. Home; Phils Vintage Guitars; About. contact us so that we can rectify the situation immediately. Digger: I was always a bit behind and looking ship there. You�re well on your way to your 10,000 hours which then makes Phil: Sunday: 10:00 AM. Loading... Unsubscribe from Phil's Vintage Guitars? They keep getting better. Their most used social media is Facebook … Contact; Phil Carwardine 0044 1844 261447. refurbishments. they are in the States. Youngsters seem to be getting into this in a big Digger: Exactly. Digger: And there are so many influences on values. Welcome to for all fine, collectable and investment grade vintage guitars and amplifiers. It was great to hear them played, one 14. Origins. 14. We are always buying or selling for you on consignment, which ever works best for you. Phil: Phil: Enter Our List & Win Giveaway Win $5,000 Toward Your Dream Rig Learn More Sell; Watch List My Feed Cart. Phil: 20+ Joined Reverb. And so we opened our Thame, United Kingdom. Bobby Graham, Digger: Tuesday: 9:00 AM. Digger:

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